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A Discussion of Casablanca

This is a Discussion of Casablanca over at movietap.  Here are my initial comments:

This is a great movie. I finally got my wife to watch this several months ago. I had to convince her it was a love story instead of a “war movie”. Apparently, she has something against war movies. She almost left the room at the beginning of white christmas.

Anyways, I have had a couple of questions. Why would anyone travel from Europe, go to Northern Africa, go back to Europe to get to the US? That part of the plot, I never understood.

Also, how common was it for an American white man and a black man to be travelling around Europe and Africa opening random clubs?

I agree with one of the above posters regarding the Paris flashbacks. I realize it is to set up the contrast between happy Rick and bitter Rick. However, Bogart just looks kinda of goofy trying to appear carefree.

One of the things that I tend to do (especially with older movies), is recognize actors and try to figure out what else I have seen them in. This usually gets me running to imdb.

Claude Rains also plays Prince John in “The Adventures of Robin Hood”.

And I also recognized Peter Lorre from “Arsenic and Old Lace”. He seems to have been type cast as that type of character – sniviling and weak.

Also, I was kind of confused about how cordial the germans were the whole movie. If it was me, I would have arressted Laszlo from the beginning. Obviously, it would have ruined the movie.. ;)

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