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Category Archives: Entertainment

Upgrading the OS on my MythBox

Well, I did an apt-get upgrade on my Ubuntu 6.10 based mythtv box. It upgraded the kernel for me. This always provides a problem with the IVTV drivers which provide support for my Hauppaugh capture card. This means that I have to recompile them and reinstall. Usually, for good measure, I download the latest driver […]

Blogs vs. Forums

I have had some new ideas floating around about the website lately. I wanted to be more community centric. I would like to try and get more people to contribute information. However, blogs (in my opinion) are not the best method for this. Blogs are more like a traditional classroom setting. The blogger (teacher) writes […]

Lighttpd and MythTV

I came across a problem while using my MythTV box. I decided that I would like to be able to download the mpegs onto my desktop. I have issues watching the shows using MythFrontEnd on my G4 powerbook over wireless. So, downloading the files and watching them with VLC was my next step. So, what […]

Free Books for Everyone…

Perusing through Groklaw today I noticed an interesting article. Google has finally started putting some of the books online that they started scanning. You are able to download full versions of books whose copywrites have run out. You can check out the Google blog for more information. … preserving knowledge and art … Keep in […]

A Discussion of Casablanca

This is a Discussion of Casablanca over at movietap.  Here are my initial comments: This is a great movie. I finally got my wife to watch this several months ago. I had to convince her it was a love story instead of a “war movie”. Apparently, she has something against war movies. She almost left […]