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Topics relating to information security.


Here is the first part of an article I wrote that tries to explain what the Federal Information Security Management Act is. It gives a brief overview and the starts through the 7 steps.

Access Controls Article

Here is an article I wrote regarding the basics of Access Controls. It deals mostly with AC in Information Assurance.

What is security

How do you define security? To some people, firewalls immediately comes to mind. To others, process and procedures are the first things they think of. Other people think about guards and guns. I like to think of security as risk management. A vulnerability exists. This is a possible flaw in your system. A threat exists. […]

So, what is a CISSP anyways?

A CISSP is a certification given out by They state: As the first credential accredited by ANSI to ISO Standard 17024:2003 in the field of information security, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification provides information security professionals with not only an objective measure of competence but a globally recognized standard of achievement. […]

Time to upgrade…

It looks like there are some security flaws with WordPress. It is time to upgrade to the newest version. The upgrade is pretty simple. Just overwrite your existing wordpress directory with the new files. (You should probably take a backup first, however.) Then, access your dashboard. It will finish the upgrade for you at that […]