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What is security

How do you define security? To some people, firewalls immediately comes to mind. To others, process and procedures are the first things they think of. Other people think about guards and guns.

I like to think of security as risk management. A vulnerability exists. This is a possible flaw in your system. A threat exists. This is something to take advantage of the vulnerability. This is your threat vulnerability pair. When you put these together you get your risk. To protect yourself you need to mitigate and manage this risk. (Continued)

New Hosting

If you can see this post, then you are viewing this from my new hosting provider. I am going to give Virtual Private Servers (VPS) a try. I just need to migrate the rest of the sites over.

WordPress 2.3 and Feedburn Widget

I have just upgraded to WordPress 2.3. So far, so good. My feedburn widget is running correct as far as I can tell. If anyone has any problems please let me know.

Apparently, the google sitemap plugin 2.7.1 is not WP 2.3 compatible.

So, what is a CISSP anyways?

A CISSP is a certification given out by They state:

As the first credential accredited by ANSI to ISO Standard 17024:2003 in the field of information security, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification provides information security professionals with not only an objective measure of competence but a globally recognized standard of achievement. The CISSP credential demonstrates competence in the 10 domains of the (ISC)² CISSP® CBK®.

So, it is a internationally known information security certification. It is generally recognized as one of the toughest and most comprehensive security certifications out there. However, it is not necessarily a technical certification such as a Checkpoint certification or a Bluecoat certification. It covers a broad spectrum of topics. In fact, it covers 10 domains of information as you can see in the quote above. (Continued)

Upgrading the OS on my MythBox

Well, I did an apt-get upgrade on my Ubuntu 6.10 based mythtv box. It upgraded the kernel for me. This always provides a problem with the IVTV drivers which provide support for my Hauppaugh capture card. This means that I have to recompile them and reinstall.

Usually, for good measure, I download the latest driver for my kernel. Since the update to Dapper Drake kept me at 2.6.15 (upgrade to -28 from -27), I downloaded the 0.4.10 driver.

I also had to rebuild my build environment so that I could recompile and reinstall the driver. I just follow section 5 off of Hyam’s website regarding a MythTV 0.19 install on a Breezy Badger box. It is a little out of date, however, this section is still very relevant.