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Category Archives: WordPress

WordPress items and information.’s Metrics

Well, I had been using’s Metrics to monitor traffic to my website as well as Google’s Analytics. Unfortunately, it appears that they are discontinuing the product. This is a little disappointing since it did a pretty decent job. The good aspect of this is that they will be open sourcing the code. But, I […]

Time to upgrade…

It looks like there are some security flaws with WordPress. It is time to upgrade to the newest version. The upgrade is pretty simple. Just overwrite your existing wordpress directory with the new files. (You should probably take a backup first, however.) Then, access your dashboard. It will finish the upgrade for you at that […]

Announcing a Feedburner WordPress Widget

UPDATE(02/19/2007): The plugin has now been updated to version 2.2. This change incorporates some changes sent from Ying-Chieh Liao. There are two changes to the plugin. The first change is that the user only needs to input their feedburner id, not the whole URL. So, if you update, you may have to re-enter this information. […]