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Feedburner Web Analysis

As I mentioned earlier, has dropped their public use of the their metric system. So, as recommended, I switched to Feedburner’s web analysis setup. This was pretty simple as I had already registered with Feedburner to keep track of my feeds.

However, their instructions were a little off for me. It is probably the way that my template is set up. It was still extremly simple. I just replaced the old metrics code in my footer.php of my template with the new Feedburner code. Within 15 minutes, Feedburner was displaying my statistics. Obviously, this means all new information. So, everyone pretty much lost all their data from metrics. Oh well, you get what you pay for.

The format for the Feedburner system is pretty easy to interpret. There are some quirks to get used to, but that happens everytime you change or even upgrade software. Regardless it is pretty informational. Between Feedburner and Google’s Analytics, I have a pretty decent idea of my traffic.

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